About Us

You may be wondering how this all got started…  Well… We have to go back to the beginning.

Long, long ago, dinosaurs roamed the Earth.  Mighty reptilian beasts plodded through thick steamy jungles and plied the temperate waters of our infantile planet.

The Beaver Brothers Trading Company came far after those creatures died off…

The Beaver Brothers Trading Company was founded in 2017 after a night of successful trapping and the drinking of much Jameson Irish Whiskey.

Edward McCarthy, Shaun Owen, and Quinn Aboudara, known locally as “The Beaver Brothers”, were discussing what to do with the pelts of several beavers they had trapped and it was decided right there and then that the three knuckleheads should form a trading company.

And thus the glorious reign of The Beaver Brothers Trading Company was formed.

Since it’s whiskey fueled inception the BBTC has grown considerably.

In 2018 the BBTC purchased a wood fired blacksmithing forge and our resident blacksmith has been creating unique, hand-forged products including knives, jewelry, and other miscellaneous home products.

We also have brought on local fur sewers and craftspeople to create fine fur products utilizing locally sourced pelts and materials.

And now we are breaking into the internet.  So come on, grab a glass of whiskey, and follow our intrepid Alaskan adventurers as they explore this new frontier!