Edward McCarthy Bio


Edward McCarthy once dreamed of being Batman, when he discovered that he would have to change his name to Bruce Wayne and become a playboy billionaire his dreams were dashed.  And thus, with tears in his eyes he became a clinical therapist and made his way to a small island community on Prince of Wales Island called Craig, Alaska.  But young Edward never forgot his great passion and as he delved into the world of trapping, tanning, and whiskey fueled nights he attempted once more to pursue his dreams.  Of course, being in Alaska you have to make some compromises, and often have to improvise.  So instead of a billowing cape or bat shaped helmet he settled with a giant tarp and a flannel jacket.


Edward specializes in the handling of all our locally harvested animals, whether they’re beavers, mink, marten, and other small game.  Edward has his hands in every step of the finishing process, often times doing the skinning, fleshing, and tanning late into the night.  He also is a constant source of advice for the team, whether we want it or not (just kidding Edward, don’t get that crazy look in your eyes…).