Claimer:  Some of the photos posted on this page may be of a graphic nature; typically they’ll be photos of animals that we have trapped, hunted, or otherwise harvested.  We will also post photos and videos of processing animals that we have harvested. Some of the videos will include foul language.  If you do not want your sensitive eyes or ears or the sensitive eyes and ears of others to see or hear such language or images than we offer you some options:

A) Don’t watch or view the videos/photos

B) Don’t let others watch or view the videos/photos or

C) Don’t be so bloody sensitive…  This is our preference.

We do not apologize for the use of foul language in our videos, nor do we apologize for photos that are intended to show how we process harvested animals.  And while we do try to limit the number of videos with excessively foul language we are also not in the habit of editing ourselves because others are sensitive.

We do respect the animals that we harvest, every bit that we can possibly utilize is utilized.  We also take pride in what we do, and we enjoy sharing the experience with others that may be interested.

So if you are someone that is easily offended and overly sensitive or is not interested in trapping, hunting, fishing, or the harvesting of small furry woodland critters, then this probably isn’t the site for you.

Otherwise, please enjoy our Gallery