Meet some of the artists, craftspeople, and partners of the Beaver Brothers Trading Company.  Click on images to go to their websites or to learn more:

Meet Jake Beimler:

Jake Beimler
Jake Beimler (right) and Joron Whitton (left) of Bifrost Blacksmithing based out of Ketchikan, Alaska


Meet Wildfish Cannery:

Mathew operates the Wildfish Cannery based out of Klawock, Alaska

Meet Scott Wilburn:  Scott lives in Craig, Alaska and makes many of our fine custom display boxes.  You can contact him at this number:


Meet Bettina Brentano and Shaun Owen:

Shaun Owen and his fiancé Bettina Brentano own and operate Njord Café, a local seafood café in Craig, Alaska.

Meet Abby Foster and Bettina Brentano:

Bettina Brentano (left) and Abby Foster (right) are the dynamic women of Beaver Sisters Kombucha Company based out of Craig, Alaska.